Elipsis - Make Me Feel (Video Teaser)





 Elipsis - Escape (Promo Video)


Hey friends! The release will be! Watch the promo video.
More details about the release here


Elipsis now on Itunes 


Hey-Hey! Great news, we've added podcasts in Itunes Feed!

Thanks to the team of developers that are working people over my projects!

Rather  take your hands in the device and subscribe to the podcast



Release of "The Battle For Heaven"




Elipsis Chart

A new chart of Elepsis



Elipsis wrote the track for the Festival "Battle of the heavens" 

The battle for heaven - the annual electronic music festival, which attracts all the

DJs are playing and the Far East, the best! This year, the festival goes Mikhailov (Elipsis),

and that would present "a" such a surprise was recorded track!
The excitement does not fall on the remixes! Everybody wants to get into the release ..


Exclusive Podcast Elipsis



MihayLove - Black and White (Elipsis Remix)